My Rating System

I'm very generous while a rate a book. At the first half of the book I usually either love it or hate it.
I'm very easy to please as well. If I fall in love with a book then I tend to overlook all it's minor faults.

In around 800 books I have read, I have only given 1 star to around 5 to 6 books or even less.

My Rating System is very simple

  • 6 Stars!!!! 

Eureka!! Loved The Book!!! My new favourite.

  • 5 stars

OMG!! A Great book. Well written, great plot and help it's own till the end.

  • 4 Stars

Loved it!! I must have loved the book. But I felt there was something missing or something could have been done better.

  • 3 Stars

Liked it! I must have liked the book. But, I would have either felt confused with the plot or by the second half the book would have fallen flat.

  • 2 Stars

Ehh!  This are the books I do not like. But the 2 stars are for the effort of the author.

  • 1 Star

Clusterf*ck!! Why oh why did I have to be so unfortunate enough to pick this book up!!!
The author shouldn't have even made the effort

Oh and sometimes I do give plus .5 with the above rating, and forgive my lazy ass. I won't be sitting and explaining what that means as well!!!

At last, I just want to say that I gives reviews not as a critic but as a reader, with heart. I like or dislike a book based on how I felt while reading it. 
I don't go into the technicalities. 

Anyway, Hope you find my reviews interesting and useful.
Keep Reading!!

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