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I am a blood sucking Vampire who stalks the city at night and preys on innocent people! Well, if you don't believe me then it your funeral, quite literally!

OK jokes apart (was not kidding!) my name is Vijetha Kumar. I'm a 21 year old engineering student in Bangalore.My textbooks of Electronics are catching dust while I keep reading tons of novels. It's my sanctuary.

My best friend gave me a Agatha Christie saying I seriously needed to start reading in ninth grade. And ever since I attack anyone who tries to grab a novel away from my hand. There is absolutely nothing like like the heady feeling of plunging into some unknown world and living through the characters.
How many of you have said loudly "Aww" or "Oh my God" or "Are you kidding me?" and things alike while reading a good book completely oblivious to the world and got looks for it?
If you've raised your hand know that I totally get you. I belong to the same brethren!

Anyway, I'm also on Goodreads as Vijetha Kumar. If you want to hang out with me there and are as interested in books as I am then feel free to send an invite there.

I also have a Facebook page. ( Shocker! *gasp* lol!)

If you want to know about me more (since I'm so awesome!) here are some bizarre thinks about me:

  • I love romance books next to nothing else.
  • I am seriously addicted to Munch bar
  • I am very generous when I review. My review average for around 750 books is 4.4!
  • I have never DNFed a book. I guess I feel I owe it to the author to read the last word.
  • I sometimes get sick of erotica after reading it a lot. I generally take a break! (Hey, don't judge!)
  • I never start a book which is in middle of a series no matter how tempting.!
  • I have been wanting to read Sarah Elizabeth Phillips's Mr. Irresistible for around two years now, but I just can't get there because it's the sixth book in the series..!!
  • My guilty pleasure is cheesy plots. Like brother's best friend, best friends to lovers, hate-to-love. Basically an author who writes a great story using these cliched plots is one I admire.
  • I love a jealous possessive hero! There is nothing sexy for me than a man who lays a claim. Call me Neanderthal, I just love such guys.
  • My great book love for eternity is Kane"Tack" Allen from Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley. He is my one and only. I might admire another book boyfriend but I'm always loyal to this man.
  • I have read above mentioned book over 50 times, literally. I love it that much.
  • Some of my favourite authors are Kristen Ashley, Julia Quinn, Abbi Glines, Sabrina Jeffries, Courtney Milan, Dan Brown, Sarah Maclean, R.L. Mathewson, Tessa Dare.... and so many others.
  • I have to yet read a Colleen Hover book no matter how much I want to. I just keep putting it off.
  • I only live until one Kristin Ashley book to another. I love that woman and her gang of Alphas

Well, I guess that's as bizarre as you get. I hope I haven't freaked you guys out. Hoping to see you a lot around here. I should probably stop now before I give the impression that I'm some vane creature who loves to talk about herself!

Keep reading!

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