Thursday, 8 February 2018

Review of At the Duke's Pleasure by Tracy Anne Warren

After finishing the second book in the series it's now time for His Grace, Duke  of Clybourne! Since the first book I have found Edward intriguing. And after reading the blurb I wanted to know more about Claire and Edward. I'm so glad I did, because I enjoyed this book. The shadows under my eyes will testify for that!

The Blurb:

All the Byrons are just as "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" as their famous non-relation...but now the time has come for the eldest son to marry...

Edward Byron, Duke of Clybourne, has everything a man in Society needs...except a wife. Duty requires he wed, so he decides that a long-standing arranged marriage will do nicely. He knows his bride is beautiful, biddable and bright enough to run his household and nursery. He expects his betrothed, Lady Claire Marsden, will be thrilled with his decision—unfortunately, she's not!

Claire has longed for Edward since she was sixteen, but how can he expect her to agree to his proposal when he barely knows her and doesn't love her? Nothing will convince her to accept a loveless marriage. And so she begins a battle of outrageous resistance, forcing Edward to learn that he must lose his heart in order to win his bride.

My Review:

Edward Byron the Duke of Claybourne has decided to take a bride. And who is more convenient than Lady Claire who was bethroned to him from the cradle. He expects the union to be logical and inevitable. After all who would dare deny a Duke.

Lady Claire Marsden has always knows that she would be the future Duchess of Clybourne. But the cool reserve of her fiancé and his blatant disregard towards her has made her vow to do everything in her power to dissuade the Duke of their marriage.

Edward expected a biddable wife, but what he got in return was a mischievous minx with a pension for scandal. In this battle of wills Edward strives to win especially when Claire declared that she will take his name only if he offers his heart.

They say the third time is the charm. And it was most definitely true in this case. I loved the book. After reading the first two books in the series I was about to give up on the entire Byrons. But Edward had intrigued me from Cade's book and I wanted to know his story. I'm so glad I tried!

Claire delighted me. Despite being in love with Edward she holds her own with a belief that she deserves someone better. Someone who loves her. The various methods she chose to vex Edward was humorous. I enjoyed her exploits. She was charming, confident and determined.

Edward did not disappoint me either. He was every bit a Duke, but with a passionate side. Brought up as the future Duke he holds responsibility and honour above all. But with Claire he relaxes and let's the chip fall from his shoulder. I loved the chemistry between them.

The earlier complaints I had in the previous two books that the author needs to develop her characters more and give them a better reason to fall in love than only lust was assuaged in this book. I could connect to both Edward and Claire. I also liked that they got to understand and spend time with one another before tumbling in love.

 All in all it was 350 pages of delight. I had actually expected a better ending with Islington. Oh well one can't have everything I guess. I did love Edward and Claire's story and will remember it for a while. They were perfect together!

My Rating:

I give this book 4.5 stars.

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