Saturday, 9 December 2017

Review of The Winter Duchess by Jillian Eaton

I came across this indie book in the most unusual way, But I'm really thankful I did. The Winter Duchess is a sweet love story of a Duke trying hard to freeze his heart and a Maiden who unknowingly thaws it.
I loved the writing and am sad that this book isn't as appreciated as it deserves.

The Blurb:

Their wedding was the event of the season... 
A shy wallflower, Caroline hasn’t the faintest idea why the Duke of Readington chose her to be his bride. She could ask, but that would mean speaking to him…and truth be told she’d rather have a conversation with the devil. Her new husband may be one of the most powerful men in all of England - not to mention the handsomest - but he’s also cruel, callous, and has a heart colder than ice. 

But it was never meant to be a love match… 
Eric married Caroline for one simple reason: he wasn’t in love with her. Having seen firsthand how love can bring a man to his knees, he’s determined not to make the same mistakes his father did. Which is why he’s going to spend just enough time with his new bride to assure himself of an heir before he leaves her and returns to London. At least that was the plan until a winter storm leaves them stranded. Now every time Eric turns around he finds himself stumbling over the wife he never wanted...but is slowly beginning to desire. 

….or was it? 
As cold winds howl outside the manor, inside of it a duke’s heart is finally starting to melt as he finds himself falling for the one woman he was never supposed to love…but can she love him in return?

My Review:

When I read the blurb of the book, I was immediately intrigued. The Duke of Readington seemed like a person who abhors love and the sweet Caroline had a challenge in her hand she wasn't even aware of.

What I loved:
  • Eric. As heroes go he wasn't anything unseen. But he had a character that was well developed and which earned my sympathy and love. He was formidable, but in the face of love he learns to relent.
  • The Writing. I found the writing and the tone of the novel mature, romantic and hopeful. If I hadn't checked in the goodreads before, I would have never guessed the author was relatively new. She reminded me of Sabrina Jeffries.
What I could have liked better:
  • Caroline. I have no problem with her at all. I have a wee bit with the author's portrayal of her. Her transition from a meek subdued girl to a bold woman who could hold her own in front of Eric wasn't shown at all. I felt like I saw two Carolines. One in the beginning and One in the end.
  • The Length. This novella has really good potential. I would have loved to see a bigger novel with more plot lines with Eric and Caroline. I was left with a wishful feeling that I didn't have to say good bye to them so soon. 

My Rating:

I give this book 4 Stars!

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