Sunday, 13 August 2017

Neanderthal Marries Human: 2 by Penny Reid

Hey you all!

I finished 5 more chapters in this awesome book..!!
So let me see... Where was I? Right, Quinn was hiding something, Jaine was cute and awesome and they got ENGAGED..!!!

A lot happens in these 5 chapters and I do mean a lot...!!
Quinn's secret is revealed, although a bit vague. They both go to a ball and Jaine meets one of Quinn's slamps...
Oh lord! That was so hilarious.. only Jaine could be so adorable..
You should read that scene because it's just so unique. I've read a lot of times a girl meeting her boyfriend's ex but never has it turned out like this..!
I love Penny Reid..! She is the queen of unexpected..!!

Also the scene where Quinn talks, it's just so refreshing.. it seems more realistic that a classic misunderstanding scenario in many plots. When I'm a relationship you talk, just like they both did. It may not resolve everything but it sure won't leave you bitter and suspicious.

Lastly I got a sex scene.. wait for it... On the airplane..! It was Hot!!
Mr MacHotpants surfaces again leaving his alter ego Mr MacCoolpants behind.. ;)
I'm curious to see what will happen and I want to see some wedding prep going on. Also I want to see Shelly, Quinn's sister. She is paired off against Beau in Winston Brother's 4th book.. I need to get a feel of her before I start that book..!

Can't wait for tomorrow's 5 chapters. Until then

Keep Reading (or in my case keep waiting),

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