Sunday, 13 August 2017

Change of Plans..


You know that time of your life when your schedule is so tight that you don't have any time to read any books? For a bookoholic like me it's like self imposed torture. The worst kind. I keep sending longing glances at my Kindle and dream at night about exploring on goodreads' Listopia.

But never let it be said I don't take care of my books. I have come up with a marvelous idea..!! Well maybe not marvelous but it's a great replacement I lieu of me reading 24/7.
So here's the thing. Even though I have no time whatsoever, due to my professional obligations, I'll die of figurative starvation if I don't read anything for the next many months. Die I say..!!!

Hence this solution. I will read 1 book per week. ( Internal weeping ensured ) And I'll post the review of these books everyday part by part. Come to think of it, it's actually damn exciting. ( If someone can do me a favour and install self control software in me.. ;) ) I will be posting a 7 part review along with my reading.

So, you all can also read along with me the book I choose..
For all those people who love reading, but unfortunately don't have the time to do exactly that all the damn time, this is our chance to make any minimal reading we do exiting as hell..!!

So let's get started..!

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