Wednesday, 3 May 2017

WINNER ANNOUNCED!! for the Giveaway of NTAP by Valerie Bowman!

Check out who won the exclusive contest and grabbed the much coveted new release in the Playful Bride series - Never Trust A Pirate by Valerie Bowman, Below!!

When I first organised the contest I thought it would be fun, but when it was time to decide the winner I realized the fault in my logic - I can never crown one person as the winner because I love names!! In any novel I first look at the names and the response I got were all really good! So, after prodding and dissecting a bit more I decided to ask for some help i.e. my friends who love HR as much as I do. And we were able to pick a winner after all..!

The winner is:

Anna Champion

Yay! Congratulations Girl!!

And the Name given by her was:

Lord Lachlan O'Donaghue,
Laird of Hawkville

I've always had a soft spot for Scots!

Anyway, I have a dilemma that needs a bit help to sort out.
When I first thought of hosting this giveaway as a contest, I liked the idea because I'm a very competitive person, but I now realize that may not be the case with all other book lovers. I do not want to deprive a chance at winning by not selecting via random probability!
So, let me know via comments did you enjoy the contest, or you would like the traditional route for a giveaway? Let me know!!
Because there are a lot more of these coming and I want to know how to give them out!

Until next time, Keep Reading,


  1. All giveaways and contests are different so, in my opinion, depending on the type it is determines how it could be handled. In this case, the way you picked the winner was fine. If it's a giveaway without a contest then computer generated is fine. I'm happy either way.