Tuesday, 2 May 2017

H.Y.I.T. - Hell Yeah It's Tuesdays!! Happy Releases! - Week 18' 2017

Week 18 - 2nd May..!!
I can't believe already 4 months of 2017 is over! Time moves so fast.
This week 8 books are releasing that I've been looking forward to. YAY me!!
Also there are tons of other books releasing, so if I miss out something, then it's only because I advertaise for the authors that I follow. If you want me check out some other book, do let me know!

It's the second book in the Trials of Apollo series. I'm a HUGE Percy Jackson fan! I love all the Greek mythology book written by this author, yet I haven't had the time to start this new series. Also I hate cliffhangers, so Maybe I'll wait this one out. Nevertheless, if you love Percy Jackson or Greek mythology, then pick this one up. Rick never disappoints me!!

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I have read only Tate and Jared's story in the Fall away series and I loved it!
I want to read Madoc and Jason's story but like I said before the timing never aligns properly. Anyway, this one is a novella in the series, This one's about Quinn and Lucas. Quinn is Jared's sister I guess, I'm not really sure. Anyway the Cover looks promising and I've read Penelope's other works and I'd love to read this one in hopefully near future! ;)

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Man, I love this title! Nice play with the words. It's a new book in Sawyer's new series Love Hurts (ain't there any more true words!) I am a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett's Cold Fury Hockey series. I love those boys and any new books from the author is automatically in my TBR shelf!
I'll try this one out soon. And the blurb looks so promising!

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This one is a hard sell for me. Although I'm a huge fan of Ashley's regency romance (I love IAN!!) I haven't tried her Shifters books. I'm not a huge fan of this genre, but some great book might change my mind on this. This book is so far ahead in my TBR shelf that it's probably at Kashmir from Bangalore ;) Because even if I decide to try this series, this one is the 11th book in it!! 
Even then, all those shifter fans out there I can vouch for Ashley's writing and say her books, no matter the genre, will be good!

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This is the 7th book in the Hope series and I've read only the first one. I don't really remember the story, but I don't remember having negative reviews about it either. I've read her sports romances though and I loved the first book! Jacy is definitely in my go-to authors list. I'll just have to find time for her. 

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Lex Martin is one of those new authors who immediately charm you. I read all the three books of her Dearest series and LOVED them! I nead no endorsement to read any of her books. I really want to read this one next! I'm grabbing this as I speak. 
If you haven't yet read a Lex Martin book, go grab it! Dearest series.

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Those who follow my blog already know that I loved this one. I was part of the blog tour and I'm so glad I was because I came across Valerie Bowman! She's my new Regency find. I'm finishing the Playful Brides series next!

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This week is sure going to be exciting. The first three books I'll pick up from the before list are:
  • Never Trust A Pirate
  • All About The D
  • Sex in the Sticks
So, that's my reading plan for the week. What's yours?
Let me know!
Also let me know about new books of the week other than the above mentioned that you think I should check out!

Until then, Keep Reading!

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