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Review of The Wingman by Natasha Anders

The Wingman by Natasha Anders can be read as a standalone.

If you are familiar with the author you know that she has perfected the formula of writing stories filled with angst and sweet imperfect love!
I was super excited about this book! her last venture The Ruthless Proposition is one of my favourites, so I badly wanted to read this one.
And I also find novels not set in the UK or the US very interesting. The fact that this one is set in South Africa is a bonus!

Let us look at

The Blurb:

She was supposed to be his one-night distraction. But their attraction is undeniable.

Introverted Daisy McGregor is used to being a wallflower, but what she lacks in style, she makes up for with an acerbic wit, a passion for life, and a deep devotion to her family. So she’ll suffer through her sister Dahlia’s bachelorette party and accept the cloud of pity for going stag to the wedding.
Out at the pub, sexy bad boy Mason Carlisle is a reluctant wingman tasked with entertaining Daisy while his brother flirts with her oldest sister, Daffodil. When the plan fails and Mason’s true intent is revealed, he feels intense guilt—and a sensual spark of desire for the unlikeliest of women.
Daisy decides to use this unfortunate encounter to her advantage: to make it up to her, Mason will be another kind of wingman, playing the role of her boyfriend and wedding date. Will their ruse unravel completely—or will Mason and Daisy’s undeniable attraction ignite a scorching love affair that knows no rules?

The blurb is intriguing, but I found it a bit misleading. It indicates that Mason is a player and also only tells of the starting 10% of the story. So, don't completely rely on it. The novel is so much more!

My Review:

This novel is basically build on the premise of a fake relationship. I love those. Judge me all you want, I just love such plots. I never get tired of it.
Mason is coerced by his brother to act as his wingman and distract Daisy so that he can flirt with Daisy's sister. I know, what a douchebag! Anyway, mason reluctantly agrees. But, what begins as a harmless little favor turns out more interesting than he thought! He is charmed by Daisy and wants her with a passion that he didn't expect!
Daisy is used to be the plain McGregor sister. But gaining the attention of the town's hottest bachelor is a bit discerning. And when she hears the truth behind it, she decides to make Mason taste a bit of his own medicine! 
Now it is the battle of will and untapped desire. Daisy fights for control and try to come up on the top. While Mason doesn't seem to mind who come up on the top as long as both are naked!

What I Liked:
  • Mason. 'm a perfectly healthy heterosexual woman and of course I'll appreciate a good male specimen! No seriously, he was hot, a gentleman, kind, caring, and oh my favourite possessive!
  • Daisy. You know whenever they write about a plus sized heroine, they usually undergo a makeover before they get the guy, but I just loved the fact that Daisy changed absolutely nothing about her and Mason fell for her anyway! It was realistic and showed that to get a guy you don't have to change yourself in any way!
  • The entire story. I just loved it. Yet another fake relationship masterpiece!
What I could have liked better:
  • A bit of cliches. You know the part where on the first meeting the guy thinks the girl is plain and looks past her and then on the second meeting he's all like 'Wow I'm hard.. guess I like her!'. It sounded a bit cliche and I'm kind of getting tired of people using the phase 'I don't know why I ever thought she is plain, she is gorgeous!' Seriously they should get their eye checked.

Final Verdict:

This book just proves my point that when  Natasha Anders writes a book it will be good. I'll bet my kindle every time that I'll love her books. This one was no exception! 

I give this book: 4.5 stars!!

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