Wednesday, 8 March 2017

H.Y.I.T. - Hell Yeah It's Tuesdays!! Happy Releases! - Week 10' 2017

There have been many releases this week! And some of the books are written by my favourite authors!! This is the elite list of books releasing this week that I've been slowly dying waiting for!!

1. The Deep End by Kristen Ashley!

OOh , A new series by KA! I live for these days on the calendar!! The Deep End is the first book in the honey series. And I'm super excited about these new KA books! I was so sad after The 'Burg ended that I consider these my compensation!!
Although, I will be reading this like as soon as I finish the post, I'm a bit skeptical about these! Reason - It's about a BDSM relationship where the guy is the submissive. I'm so addictive to KA's alphas that I am apprehensive of this new brand of heroes.
I'll just cross my fingers and start reading them, like NOW!
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2. Riot by Tillie Cole

Riot is the 4th and the last book in the Scarred Souls series. I haven't started this series yet, but I'm a fan of  TC's previous works. Sweet Rome, Sweet Home, and It ain't me Babe are on my favourite lists!
This entire series premise and story line sounds very interesting! I'll hopefully pick up the first book very soon!
Buy the book here:
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3. Kept From You by Nashoda Rose!!!

YAY! This book is finally here!! The last of the Tear Asunder guys, I've been wanting to read Kite's book for soooo long! He is the one who is always in the background, one who doesn't ever come under the spotlight and I really want to know his story!
I'm debating whether to pick The Deep End first or this one! I'll probably read this first, because I need closure!!
But the book here:
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4. The Great Pursuit by Wendy Higgins.

After Sweet Evil series Wendy Higgins has been one of my favourite paranormal, fantasy author. This is the 2nd and the last book in the Eurona Duology. I have yet to pick these books up because I've kept them for emergencies, when ever I feel a craving for a nice urban fantasy book. And now I can read both together!
Buy the book at:
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   5. The Wingman by Natasha Anders

I already finished reading this one and will be giving it's review next, that's how much i love Natasha Anders books!
This book is a standalone and have a potential for a future series! Beacuse I want now know what happens to Spenser and Daff!
Natasha Anders has perfected the formula for angst filled, sweet romance, and I want more and more books from her!
Buy the book here at:
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6. Blush For Me - Kristen Proby

This book is the 3rd in the fusion series.
The series is about a group of five close friends, who own and run a successful restaurant. I loved the first book but didn't like the second at all, so I'm a bit shy to pick this one up. But I love KP's other books, so I won't give up so easily!
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7. Every Little Thing - Samantha Young

I finished the The Dublin Street series of Samantha Young and I haven't had the chance or time to pick up this new series of hers.
This is the 2nd book in the Hart's Broadwalk series. Due to my stupid rule to never read a book out of order I'll have to pick up The One Real Thing first, not that I mind!
Ugh! so many books to read and one me, soo unfair!
Buy the book at:
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8. Coastal Elite by Kate Canterbary

It's Welsh family novel and that's all I need to know to pick this one and read! I love those bunch of handsome architects and Kate Canterbary is a really talented author.
Buy the book at:

9. Below Deck by Tara Sivec

I have read only one book of Tara Sivec and that was fucking hilarious, so I'm open to reading any books by her! Seduction and Snacks promote the author really well! Looking Forward to this one.
Buy this one at:
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So this was my list of books to look forward to this week, what is yours? Comment and let me know!

Until then Chao,
Keep Reading,

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