Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Many of the Romance readers, especially those into Paranormal Romance are aware of this name. And if they aren't, they are seriously missing out..!!!

It's kind of funny how I came across Sherrilyn Kenyon to begin with. I'm a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments and I recently came across some news reports stating how Sherrilyn Kenyon was apparently suing Cassandra Clare for copying her ideas. I remember reading that City of bones had ideas taken from Night Pleasures i.e the first book in Dark Hunter series. 

Although I respectfully disagree. I've read both now and can say that they both are distinctive works of two talented authors whose talent speaks for them,
I read the blurb of Night Pleasures and even though the book is roughly 15 years old.. I still had to pick it up..
Now I'm through 5 books in the series and am as hooked as I can be.
I'll be giving reviews about each of these little gems I discovered. 
But I just want to say to Ms Kenyon that her work is genius and as an ignorant fool who knows nothing about the conflict can assure her that Dark Hunters are invincible and the world they live in is so brilliant in its authenticity that it cannot be duplicated.

The entire Dark Hunter universe and all of Ms Kenyon's works are on the top of my to-be read shelf now..!!

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