Monday, 6 February 2017

My First Post...!!!

Hey there no one,

Right now the number of page views I have is 50 and all are from me. It's like writing the first post to myself. Eerie, I know, but necessary. Someday I hope I'll have enough followers that they will be intrigued to find out what my first post was. If you are one of them, then love you for sharing the madness.

When I was in ninth grade I picked up my first ever Agatha Christie. Why Didn't They Ask Evans? I can bashfully accept that I don't exactly remember what I read. Nonetheless the book opened a whole new world to me where there were no rules, regulations, stipulations. Where I can witness magic, love, the impossible, the paranormal, mystery, suspense, anything was possible here.
Like a kid's first time in an amusement park I was entranced. I was in love with reading and never wanted to get out.
But just like a kid's attention span I forgot about the experience pretty soon. Then insert three years, handful of novels, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl (yeah, I read about these guys before Harry Potter. Impossible! I know!) and I'm a first year college student who's all but forgotten about what magic she'd experienced. But they don't joke around when they say books are the best companions.

The darkest moment of my life, when my future seemed so bleak that I had almost given up, these books lent me their hand and kept me afloat.
The only thing the preserved my sanity during this period of my life were the myriad of characters I read about. Their problems became mine, their story became mine, albeit a short period but they gave me a place outside the world I dwelled in for me to be safe.

And once a bond was forged it can never be rescinded. Now, I don't read because I need an escape, I read because I honestly don't how you can't..!!

So, after the heavy philosophy shit, all I have to say is I'm not a psycho and am just a crazy person who reads a lot. And I instantly befriend anyone who reads as well. I can go as far as say a couple of my best friends are as close to me because we read..!!

I hope I can take forward the work I'm doing. Post reviews, keep reading, hopefully earn some money and become famous ( yeah yeah.. you know you want the same thing..!!)

And those of you who trespass do follow or my Greek spell of never finding a good book again will work like a charm..!(not kidding.... not!!)

Chao! Keep reading!

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  1. Hey my first comment by myself...
    I'm really having some weird fun with myself here... *cringe*