Monday, 27 February 2017

Chapter 2: My first ever Blog tour and My first ever crush!

Why is it that whenever I type something I feel like I can talk for hours, but tell me converse and I'll have thousand doubts in my head. It's like with my writing I don't mind touching millions of people, but speaking to a person is a skill. First there is always the hurdle of small talk. If you get caught up in that web, you'll never come out. You will be left talking about whether and well beings. If by chance you actually like this person you are speaking to, then forget about coherent speech. Damn I wish I could charm people. It would have been a really good quality. Oh well, at least keyboards thank me. They do consider me their best friend!

 Awkward ramblings aside, I have news!
I have gotten my first ever blog tour!
It's a historical romance novel 'Last night with the Duke' by Amelia Grey. I have been wanting to pick a book by this author and now I finally have a choice. Although this one is my first, I'm kinda hoping I don't blotch this up. Honestly I never thought I would even be chosen, you know. I have been active for only 20 days, and I have 5 followers ( 3 of whom I coerced into following the blog. Should I say this?!? Eh well.)
So I thought the publisher would politely tell me to fuck off, since I'm basically a toddler in the world if book bloggers. Now that I've been included, I'm like a monkey on steroids. I won't be surprised if my mom sells me to slavery or set my computer on fire.
Anyhow,Come visit the blog on 1st March and while loads of comments! ( totally blog marketing here! :P )

Ever since I started a blog I feel like I'm in constant twilight zone! Me - an introvert, who only opened a Facebook account because some idiotic group I'd joined in college told that I could get their updates only via their Facebook Page, have become a social butterfly. Albeit only on the social media, but still I feel like a caterpillar who broke out of it's cocoon.

Butterfly analogies aside, I feel like a whole new world has opened for me. Now i finally understand why my sister has her phone constantly glued to her hand! I even joined Twitter. My handle is @vijetha_47 and I'm having a blast. From following Shah Rukh Khan to Courtney Milan I'm basking in the glow of the world at my fingertips. Honestly I'm like a teenage girl who just started reading FFOG. Lol!
My lord internet, I'm forever your slave! 

Anyway, you might be wondering what the other part of the blog title was. A good friend of mine on goodreads suggested me a book by Christine Zolendz - Here's to Falling. So I searched the book and read the blurb. There was a line in that saying

"Every girl has that one guy…that one guy who steals her heart and never gives it back."

For that one line I'll be reading this book because it reminded me of the boy that I fell in love with very first time. Maybe it wasn't even love, because I never gathered enough courage to tell him about how I felt. Although I'm sure all my friends knew about my 'secret' crush. It might not have been love, but it definitely hurt like a bitch when I had to say goodbye to him. We went our separate ways after 10th but I know I can never forget him. Because he gave a taste of what love felt like.

I still remember the one time I had been breathless around him. We had literally  collided in the school corridor and it was only for like 2 sec, but god what a feeling. Know what I feel? 
He definitely stole my heart but I sincerely hope he gives it back, because I have real hopes for my future. Come on people, I'm a hopeless romantic reviewing romance novels. Of course I have an epic love fantasy! It's my prerogative!

Cheers to first crushes and first blog tours. May the former hook up with someone hedious and the latter become successful! 

Keep reading and rambling..! 
And tell me about your first love and something stupid you did for them. I want to know!


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