Monday, 20 February 2017

Chapter 1: Crazy Professors and not so crazy Friends.

Have you ever had a Professor in your college who is well respected, has a Dr attached to his name and the other students say he teaches really good? And then you keep thinking 'Dude, seriously?' Well, if you do, then you can probably relate.
I'm in the final semester of engineering, and as we all know ( if you don't just pretend) that we need to do a project. A tedious task if you ask me. Now before I invoke a curse of true engineers on myself let's just clear things first.
There are 3 kinds of Engineers in the India ( I'm assuming the whole India, just go along!)

  • First - Those who genuinely want to study the subject. Kudos to you guys, who are future Vijay Shekhar Sharmas and Sachin Bansals. Hope you bring more apps and technology to us in the future. 
  • Second - Those who don't get a medical seat. Ghastly that. Every year the CET's break so many hearts. Yours truly one among them.
  • And finally Third - Those who just want a degree. I love these guys! They are the most creative ones. (If you didn't notice, that was a subtle compliment to myself. Well maybe not so subtle Anyway!)
For those of us belonging to the second and third category, well let's just say project work is one giant pain in the posterior. This is the time when you can actually hear your illusions shatter. Your great dreams of doing an awesome, breath-taking project doesn't seem so great anymore. You just want to finish with the damn thing and dust your hands.

Today, I had promised my team members that I would go and submit the possible topics for our projects. So, I got up, (obviously), tried to talk myself out of it a hundred times, eventually slow as a snail got ready and went to college.
Now this is where the crazy professors and the not so crazy friends get in.
So, here am holding a couple of IEEE papers, looking as serious as possible, entering the Staff room. I breathe as I prepare myself to face the head guy who approves our projects. People swear he's a decent guy, but I'm sure a few of his brain cells are misaligned! Anyhow, I prepare myself was the berating that is inevitable and step into the Staff room.

And let a long breath in relief. There they stood, outside the professor's cabin, a long line of my classmates and friends! Let me tell you this, when facing a potential threat of humiliation, it's always better to be with a group of friends. I went ahead and joined the line waiting to be verbally slaughtered. One by one the line moved slowly like a temple during Dussera. We could hear the guy scolding the poor people inside. Some came out with frowning faces, and some came with outright cursing. When one group's project was approved, we all cast jealous glances their way. And eventually (too soon!) it was my turn.

In my 4 years as an ECE student the guy had never taken a class for our class. So, I was not the infamous girl who just reads novel to the guy. Little consolation that. Professors gossip like old ladies! All classroom embarrassment laid bare! I stepped into his cabin hoping for the worst.

And, I got it. What? were you expecting a miracle where he actually turned out to be a kind guy who doted on students? *scoff* Sorry, but I got my ass handed back to me. Out of the five IEEE papers I had taken, he only objectively approved of one, that too after 5 mins of hearing the faults of other 4. And then he preached me about how rude it is to come alone and not come as a whole group (damn my team mates!) At the end he told to do a better job and sent me packing. 

The whole ordeal might have been for a 10 minutes, but it felt like a an hour of my life. Anyway as I emerged from the cabin I learnt very lesson of life.
"When getting screwed over by a teacher, it's always better to get screwed in a gang!"
Sage words. Take it to your heart.

And at the end I'd like to thank all my crazy friends (I meant, not so crazy!) for being just fucked up as I am!


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